Manic Witch

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bitch, bitch, bitch

I think I'm going to have to give a negative Yahoo review on that fitness center Hubs and I joined back in April. Several times over the past few months there have been problems with the machines. The resistance band is shakey, there has been a HUGE wrinkle in the carpet near the machines, the "personal trainer" has a rather embelished bio and the owner is too busy with her "real" job as a realtor to bother with any of this. I've sent complaint emails to her twice, slipped notes under her office door, sent complaint emails to corporate twice and nothing has been one. All the owner has done is "thank" me for pointing out these problems. After all, this is "my" club too and she wants to provide the bes facility possible. There is always a service call out for the machines and of course nothing is her fault. I even hinted to corporate that maybe she is too busy with her "real job" to really invest the time needed to keep this club running properly and still haven't gotten an answer. Our membership runs out next month and I let them know that we will not be renewing. That really sucks, because I did enjoy going there-it was incredibly convenient which was the main reason why we joined. There isn't any way I can join another one. Assholes.

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