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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hubs and I are doing lots of sweating and grunting these days

We joined a fitness center! It's one of those no frills-no locker room-no showers-but really cheap dues kind of place. There are a couple near my work, but going before work is out of the question since there aren't any showers, and after work isn't going to happen either. I need to get home to start dinner, do whatever chores we have and basically get ready for the next day. This place is less than a mile from home and is open 24/7. It's nice to know that when the insomnia bug bites I have a place to go burn off some nervous energy. 'Course I don't know about going at 2:00am, no matter how safe the place is, but its still nice to know that outlet is there. Hubs and I will be going early in the morning to get our days started. It is going to help us both tremendously having each other to motivate us to actually get our sorry asses out of bed that early in the morning. We have a "snooze-button-fetish" going on right now. Hubs can't keep his hand off it and I can't seem to stop asking for him to fondle it "one more". Scary, huh? I quit smoking, am trying to eat healthier and have FINALLY joined a fitness center. I don't even recognize myself anymore.
I'll try not to bore with all the updates, but I am considering getting a widget with all my progress on the side-bar so anyone curious can keep up to date.

And I STILL love Kelly.

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