Manic Witch

Monday, December 03, 2007

The only difference between talking and stalking is one ass

Did you ever google someone from your past just to see if you can find them? And when did "google" become a verb? Anyway, every so often I try to see if I can find anything on Former Friend. I don't know why, I just do. Well, I found her-address and phone number and all (thank you So what do I do with this information? If I call her and she asks how I got her number do I explain that I found her on the internet because I do the occasional searches and try to do it without sounding like a stalker? She only lives about a half hour away which isn't that much around here. Again, how do I make contact without sounding like a creep? But I guess the bigger question is "why?" Is it just to be vindictive? To show her that my life has turned out to be far better than I had expected and that I know a big part of hers hit the shitter? And then what? With work, the kids, Hubs, my house...I haven't even had time to nurture the one and only friendship I really want. We haven't had time for a stitch and bitch or pedi since her birthday. I miss that, but we have both been so busy that we can't even find the time for one evening after work. What a piss poor excuse. So now I want to add someone else to the mix? Back to someone I know has screwed me in such a way that I don't think we could ever go back to what we once had? Why do I do this to myself? Maybe I want to finally lay some ghosts to rest. Or maybe I finally want the last word. I want to get that one last "Fuck you" out of my system.

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