Manic Witch

Sunday, December 10, 2006

S.A.S.B. (again)

I want that job
My tax dollars hard at work here.
Now I remember why I don't have that job.

Night out with Hubs because he saw me braiding my hair and humming to myself...$45
Shopping for Hubs' office Christmas Holiday Party....$90
Monster "We have a turkey in the freezer and need to cook it" dinner with all the trimmings...$50
Putting up decorations, watching "Scrooge" with the kids while sipping eggnog...$1.89 (hey, I had to buy the eggnog. Work with me here).
Being back at work after a long, exhausting weekend...Priceless.

Conversation at Hubs' Party
(another employee's Wife/Girlfriend/S.O.)...I come from an Irish Catholic family
Me: Oh, I come from an Italian Catholic family.
Her: Lots of kids? Most of my friends had bunches of brothers and sisters.
Me: I had friends who had 12 or even 15 kids. Hubs has 6 sibs. I come from a small family though-just 4 kids.
Her: That's not small...I'm an only child.
Me: I thought you said you were Irish Catholic.
Her: My dad's an athiest.
I thought it was funny. I guess you had to be there.

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