Manic Witch

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What the hell?

Actual phone call at work:

Patient: My phone is about to be shut off and the phone company told me that if the doctor tells them it is critical that I have phone service, they will give me another 30 day extension.

Me: I don't see a valid reason in your chart. Unfortunately, unless you have a life-threatening condition, we can't do anything.

Patient: What about my breating problems? (She does have COPD). What if I need to call 911?

Me: I see two telephone numbers in your chart. I know one is your home phone. What is the other one?

Patient: Oh, that's my cell phone.

Me: *slams head on desk* I'm afraid you'll have to use that one instead.

That call was the highlight of an otherwise shitty day.

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