Manic Witch

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sadly, I can understand this.

These idiots spent more on the paperwork to put a lien on the house than $0.01. Many moons ago, I worked at a bank and had overdraft protection on my account. I had to tap into it and I thought it was all paid back. When I quit I was sent a statement for $0.02. I called someone there and they said not to worry about it-they would clear that stupid balance. I got 2 more statements and finally had to go to their office and pay them. Those statements cost them way more than the stupid 2 cents. I should have let it go for a while, but I had a feeling the fuckers would have turned me over to collections. I didn't want that on my credit report, but would have loved doing that just so I could pay it and have them take a "loss" of a penny. Of course I doubt a collection agency would have even bothered-they would have been too busy laughing.

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