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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Agatha is getting to that age-she's getting ready for college. *sob* My baby is growing up-much too fast. We went for a trip the past few days to Big Assed University to check it out. She's never seen a college campus and for some reason decided she wants to go to this one. Unfortunately, it's out of state, which means out of state tuition, which is nearly triple what in-state tuition would cost. Fortunately, with her grades, class standing and ACT scores, she stands a good chance of not only getting in, but could possibly snag some super-scholarships. I hate to say it, but that is really the only way she can go to any college, much less one out of state. She fell in love with this place. She (and I) never realized just how much a college campus is really its own city, even in a big city. I would like her to see an In State Big Assed University though. I think it would help her realize that all BAUs offer the same sense of community. And while it has a reputation for being a big party school, that doesn't matter to her. She was never into that shit and I honestly can't see her changing. Again, most BAUs are party schools, so it wouldn't matter where she goes, it would be the same. I did have to laugh though. The student newspaper had an ad for a local Head-Shop. And there were signs in the dorms about what was and wasn't allowed in the dorm rooms, one of which wasn't allowed was bongs. I loves me some irony.
This visit is now a real motivator for her to finally get her shit together and start filling out applications. She procrastinates so much on this stuff. I had to start this one for her. She claims she didn't realize that there isn't any information she needed from me on this. But if she wants to go to this BAU (or any one for that matter) she needs to get moving. The deadline for most of them is December, if she wants to qualify for some of the bigger scholarships that they offer. Time is running out.

The one plus side to Out-Of-State BAU is that a Blog-Bud lives a few hours away and I could potentially finally meet her in person. I wish I was able to do that when we were there, but just couldn't swing it this time.

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