Manic Witch

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another reason why I'm Pagan

No soup communion for you!

A SC catholic church is advising Obama supporters to refrain from receiving communion. WTF? All because he is pro-choice. Never mind the fact that he wants to withdraw our troops from Iraq as soon as possible. I guess it's ok to kill adults, but not unintended pregnancies. I am pro-choice. Outlawing abortions means only outlaws will have abortions. I am fortunate to not know of a time when women died because they had abortions during barbaric procedures. Seems like the church is saying that we should also disregard his stance on economics and we should continue the downward spiral that McCain promised us. The hypocrites also forget about the crusades which were little more than sanctioned murders. I thought our votes were to be private. So do the paritioners stay seated during communion, thus announcing their vote? Or do they go up and pretty much lie about their political beliefs while accepting Christ's teachings symbolically? Either way they can't win. I never realized that so many people-especially catholics voted on one issue, and one issue alone. Narrow minded fuckers.

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