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Monday, October 20, 2008

Working in the dark

I very rarely have situation dreams. You know, the ones that are about conflict or stress in your life.
Ok, here goes:

I'm at work and W. is off-as usual (she requests lots of days off for bullshit reasons, but whatever) and S. no-shows. The office is really dark-not even any light from the huge windows we have. I try to turn on the light switch but it keeps turning itself off. The waiting room is packed like the returns counter on December 26th, and the patients are about as friendly. While I am getting overwhelmed trying to check them in, knowing I can't even get them into the rooms, George finally starts taking them in himself but doesn't say anything to me. Then two women show up to "help" me. They are asking what I need but it's really in a half-assed "hey, I offered to help and you didn't want it" it kind of way. I don't even get a chance to tell them what I need, mainly for them to call maintenance because no matter what I do, the lights just won't stay on. During this time patients are standing over my shoulder looking at the computer screen. I have to keep telling them-finally yelling at them to go around the counter, that they are not supposed to see the computer screen. I do think briefly about using my penlight for a little light, but can't figure out how to keep it on.
I wake up with my heart pounding.

So here's what I am getting out of this:
1. George is "helping" by taking a few of the patients-because their satisfaction is really key to our business-but otherwise staying out of my stressors and problems.
2. S. and W. are sabotaging me not being around to do their own work and leaving me to take up the slack.
3. I'm not sure what to make of the two "helpers". They are pretty much duplicates of S. and W.
4. The light issues is really stumping me. Something/someone is keeping me in the dark. George? In real life he has been shutting me out lately. Is that symbolic? Or is it that darkness is surrounding me? Taking over me?
I can't seem to keep the light on myself so does this mean I need to find someone to help me, or figure it out myself?


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