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Monday, September 29, 2008

Rock n Roll High School

Things are gearing up for my upcoming 25 year *ugh* high school reunion. I am keeping in tradition of not going. I don't get why people get all hot and bothered over spending hundreds of dollars to see people you knew for 4 years a quarter century *UGH* ago. BUT-my sister Demeter was over and we were going over my yearbook reminiscing and I am almost tempted. Problem is that I didn't want to spend time with these people back then, why now? Why the morbid curiosity? To see the bitchy cheerleaders all fat and saggy bitching about how their husbands are banging their hot 22 year old assistants? Meh. Not worth the crash eating disorder I would have to develop to get down a few sizes to try to impress people I didn't want to impress 25 *ugh* years ago.
Demeter did clue the girls into a little of my background that they never knew, like the fact that I was an honor student. Both were very surprised, but Agatha was surprised that I never told her. Endora was surprised because of all the trouble I caused. She just figured the two never went together. Ha! Other parts of the conversation included:

Me: Hey! I forgot I was on the newspaper.
Hubs: The police blotter doesn't count.

Demeter: You know your mom was on the deans list in college?
Me: And I was on the principal's "list" in high school.

Demeter: I just try to forget about the whole high school scene.
Me: Me too, but the buzz keeps wearing off.

We get a quarterly newsletter from school and alumni can send in little newsy blurbs about themselves so everyone can see how wonderful their lives are. Think annual christmas newsletter. Barf. Demeter wants to send in something spectacular and totally bullshit. Like inventing Post-its. I don't know what kind of bullshit I could send in. Maybe just tell those very nice catholic fundies what a very nice witch I am. *evil grin*

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