Manic Witch

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It's not easy going green

I've made a tiny effort to go green. I do recycle, I try to buy products that use the least amount of packaging, I reuse the water bottles when I have to break down and actually pay for water, we replaced all our incandescent light bulbs with CFLs, turn off lights in empty rooms, keep our thermostat at the limit of our tolerability (ok, that is to save a few bucks too), and I am using "green bags" for shopping whenever possible. What bothers the shit out of me is that cashiers/baggers look at me like I've handed them a dirty diaper. This is in stores that sell the bags! Right by the cash registers!! These idiots just don't get the concept. I had to pick up a few odds and ends for dinner yesterday and decided to treat the family to ice cream. I bought a 5 quart bucket-large family, large quantity. I had the bagger my green bag, he looks at it like he's taking his SATs and his vocabulary is limited to "Dude, that rawks." He eventually figures it out, puts the canned goods in the bag, and this part is what gets me-the moron understands he shouldn't put the ice cream, a 5 quart bucket with a handle, in the bag, so he puts it in a plastic grocery bag. Photobucket

But I will persevere and try to educate the masses one at a time.

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