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Monday, August 04, 2008

Who knew on our wedding day that we would have these kinds of discussions?

Me (on cell phone): Honey? My car smells like cat pee and my nipples hurt.

Back story:

Vader has taken to that lovely habit of spraying the house. We are FINALLY getting around to getting him fixed this week, so I hope that works. We had Midnight fixed at an early age, so we never had this problem, and Smokey came to us fixed so we never had this problem with him either.
The little fuck peed on our BRAND NEW COMFORTER and we had to put it in my NEW CAR so I could take it to the cleaners. It was uber-hot yesterday so the pee smell just permeated the car. The kicker? We got that thing for a steal-$40 for a king-sized one at Jaques Penne. (How do you add that accent over the "e"?) The cleaning bill is going to be $26! More than half the cost of the comforter!
The nipple thing? Turns out the bastard peed on my bra the night before. I have no idea how I didn't know when I put it on yesterday, but of course I notice at work. Thank Goddess I was wearing a non-clingy top, but I had to put bandaids over my nips so the high-beams wouldn't poke anyone's eye out. That leads to the last part of the above sentence-I am allergic to adhesive. Not latex (and most bandaids are latex free anyway), but adhesive. I tore them off at the end of my shift, but before I left the building. So now my tits hurt.

He gets his nuts cut off tomorrow. He's lucky I don't take matters into my own hands-so to speak.

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