Manic Witch

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

That would just break my heart

All the bullshit with Brett Favre is getting old, yet nerve racking. I'm really don't understand all the details, but I think the prick either overplayed his hand or he really does think he made a mistake by retiring or this all was just a publicity stunt. Notice how it comes just as training camp is about to begin? But I saw on the news this morning a photoshopped pic of him in a Bears uniform. I guess if he is relased from Green Bay (and that is one of the concepts I really don't understand), then he is free to play for one of the other teams in our division. IF he comes to Chicago, there is no way I could root for my boys again. I hate that asshole that much. I think he's an arrogant prick and a poor sport. Even Green Bay is sick of his shit. They lined up to stay away from from events he was at and when he told the Packer powers that be that he would consider staying only if he was the starter again, they told him to kiss their ass, they are going to invest everything now in their new boy.

If anyone can explain to me in a way I can understand all the crap going on with the "release me" and "no trade clause", let me know. I just know the bottom line is that I really, REALLY don't want him to come to Chicago.

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