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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tag! I'm it.

Kelly just gave be the best tag I've had in a long time. (ooohhh BABY)

Five things you may or may not know about me.

1. I cannot, CANNOT eat a bowl of ice cream without chocolate syrup. I don't care if there are SWIRLS upon SWIRLS of chocolate in the ice cream. If I don't have syrup, I don't want any.

2. I can no longer sit on my left foot. You know how people tuck one leg under their other one? I can do that on my right, but not the left. For some reason my hip won't bend that way. And before you say "Poor Hubs", don't worry. I have no problem with improvising. ;)

3. I just got a huge squicking today. Queen blogged about hooking up with an old friend via cl@ssm@tes dot c0m since they had a free weekend. So I pulled up my profile. If I read the listings shit right, a guy I dated for a month, my sophomore year had looked me up. Let's make this clear. We dated for ONE month. ONE. 30 days. My sophomore year. Over 25 years ago. *ouch* A quarter of a century! *whimpers* Ew!

4. I am re-embracing my witchy ways. That's not new, but my dirty little secret is...I still like me some christian music. El Shaddai by Amy Grant is one I've always loved along with ones from Godspell- Turn Back Oh Man, Day by Day and By My Side. What makes THAT really funny is that I've never seen the play or movie. Ever. I used to wonder if that made me a hypocrite, but I haven't thought about it enough to care. I just enjoy the songs, just like I still enjoy Christmas songs. If I could find some catchy Yule ones, I'd sing those too.

5. I have an IMDB addiction. Anytime I watch a movie, I must go there to see all the trivia and goofs on it. I hate that I do that sometimes. Every time I learn about a goof, it jumps out at me everytime I watch the movie after that. Every single time. It kind of ruins the movie for me now.

Ok, I now tag: Queen and Jane.

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