Manic Witch

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Please don't ever become so jaded that ... don't thrill a little at a fireworks display. don't get a little choked up every time you hear your national anthem.
...hearing a baby's spontaneous, full-on squeals of delight doesn't warm your heart, even a little...even you childfree by choicers. don't get little feeling of victory of finding the perfect shoe/purse/dress/underwear.
...that you don't sometimes consider the perfect form of entertainment is turning off the lights and listen to your drunken 30 year old neighbor get arrested. Again. For the 3rd time this month. And listening to his sweet little old lady mother say "Don't worry dear, I've called the lawyer." And you just know that he's on speed dial, right after the Pizzaria.
...while the topic of the following conversation disgusts you, you don't roll your eyes in disbelief thinking "what a moron"....

(Asshole, bigoted brother who last year moved from a racially diverse area half way across country and is back in town for a visit)...So how's the colored population now?
Me: Which color?
*pause-clearly thinking*
Him: Black.

I guess I'd better explain my answer. I usually answer "which color? Green? Purple? Orange? Blue? I thought he remembered that this kind of shit doesn't fly with me but apparently not.

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