Manic Witch

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Muncha buncha, fritos go with lunch...

I have to confess-I put chips on my sandwiches. Ok, not the pbj ones, but the lunchmeat ones. And I know its not a big confession, most people do. But how do you choose which chips? If I have a mild meat like turkey or chicken, then I go for something with a little more crunch and flavor like either Fritos (a classic choice) or Doritos (who doesn't love powdered cheese-like product?). But a bolder flavored meat like roast beef requires a quieter chip like plain Lays. Ruffles/Wavy Lays never count and should ONLY EVER be eaten with a dip. I know people who buy them just to munch, but really, those are created for the sole purpose of dipping.

So what are the masses eating for lunch?

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