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Monday, July 07, 2008

It's not just a race. It's about race.

I have a question that no one need answer here. Of those who will vote, how many choose a candidate based on race or gender? It looked like a lot of women voted for Hillary just because she was a woman. And I remember when Jesse Jackson Jr. ran and he picked up many votes from the african american community just because of his race. I also remember people saying that if he were elected then they would move to Canada. I haven't heard if the same is happening with Obama, so I can't say for sure that it's going on again.
My dad and I got into a debate a few weeks ago and he came right out and said that he will not vote for that "n".
Him: What, you want him? And who is he going to pick for his running mate? Oprah?
Me: *Sigh*, Whatever.
Ok, not much of a debate. I pretty much dropped it at that point since I know it will go nowhere. For the record, I am NOT an Oprah fan, but that is neither here nor there.

I wonder how many people will make the move to our neighbor to the north if Obama wins. I know my Asshole brother has said it, but I doubt he will make good on his threat. Like Obama is going to say "For the good of the United States, I will withdraw from the race rather than lose so many good citizens to Canada." My brother will just piss and moan even more if he wins and anything less than uber-stellar happens during his term(s) in office. Obama is going to have to completely balance the budget, cure all cancers, bring about total world peace and walk on water to even get "ok, but he's still a 'n'."

So have any of you heard that people are voting one way or another strictly base on sex or race? Or are people actually voting on the platform that they believe in? Each brings a wealth of good AND bad promises and ideals to the polls. I just hope enough people vote with their brains instead of their asses.

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