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Monday, July 28, 2008

Decisions, decisions...

Went for my "treat myself extra special nice and get a mani/pedi" today. I usually have problems with the ladies at the salon Queen and I go to so I tried a different place today. Actually I was at that end of the Mega-super-duper mall anyway and saw this quiet out of the way place and tried it. What a difference! At the usual one, the ladies there treat my poor tootsies like a side of raw beef-cutting, hacking, pounding away. The last time I was there the woman actually hurt me when removing the nail polish. But instead of leaving, I worried about hurting her feelings so I stayed and got hurt feet insead. Serves me right.
This new place was Pedi-paradise. The girl there treated my feet tenderly, gently, lovingly. *cough*
They even let me take my time picking out polish. I hate feeling rushed, like the old place makes me feel. Ok, I'm not picking out wedding china-nail polish is cheap and a pedi only lasts about a month, but still, I want to take just 3 minutes and pick something I can stand seeing for a month straight. Since I was getting a mani today I debated getting a matchy-matchy mani/pedi. I usually don't get a mani and since a pedi lasts me much longer than a mani, what difference did it make? But for a week or so I have cute silver piggies and fingers.

So the point here-how many others agonize over their nail polish color? Like I said, its not a $1,000 investment so spending 15 minutes picking a color is rather stupid. If you can narrow it down to 5 shades of red, and they all have a bluish cast to them, then just pick one.

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