Manic Witch

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You want fries with that?

What is fast food drive thru etiquette? Do you go when you just want something quick and don't want to deal with parking your car, getting out and waiting for one of the slow-assed teeny boppers to finally quit talking about what a skank Tifani is and finally take your order? Or is it when you have to order enough food for the entire 5th armored division? I can see where that would be the way to go since it's a pain in the ass trying to juggle all that from the counter out to your car, but then you hold up an entire line of cars in the drive up. And then you have to hold things up further while you check to make sure you got everything, and that it's right. You check every.single.sandwich. Ok, I guess I can defend that person a little bit since I just got back from Culvers (hence the post) and they didn't put bacon on my burger, again. But can't you pull forward? Or would that mean if something is wrong that you would have to get out of your car, take it in and negate the whole drive up experience? And what about the "ummm"rs? You all know of whom I speak. At the drive up for McDonalds they stare at the menu board like trying to decipher heiroglyphics. "Ummmm. I'll have the, um...what comes on the quarter pounder? Oh, ok. Never mind. Then I'll just have the....ok, gimme a diet pepsi. No pepsi? Fine, give me a diet coke." Lady! They serve the same shit at every McDonalds across the country! I can't believe this is a new experience for you. Get out, go inside and soak up the atmosphere of soda-sticky floors, ketchup smeared all over the tables and the straws already dispensed at the bottom so you can't possibly get a clean one because some little brat got all lever happy.
Now I know if a drive up line is really long then my best bet is to go inside, but for the most part, shouldn't it be quicker, easier, more convenient to pull around to the second window please?

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