Manic Witch

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

If the shoe fits....

I'd wear it. But I can't seem to find white pumps. Just plain, white pumps. Or slingbacks-those would be cute too. Ever since I ditched the scrubs for office wear, I've been wearing cute black boots. But now that summer has come, its time to trade those in for something a little less stifling. I found a cute pair of black pumps and have a pair of adorable black mules. But white seems to be completely out of fashion now. In summer. After Memorial Day. Before Labor Day. What gives? I refuse to pay more than $40 (ouch!) for a pair of shoes. The girl at Payless said that after Easter, they stopped getting shipments in. So it looks like I can't buy white shoes again until next spring. I understand that is when I should be looking for a bathing suit too. Fashion-fuckers.

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