Manic Witch

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My life. Unscripted

Agatha was planning an end of year prank at her school by placing a bunch of crickets in the ceiling of one of her classrooms. I'm not too ok with that because those things will reproduce at an alarming rate and I can see US getting hit with a huge bill from the exterminator, but her teacher was on board with it, so whatever. Here is where the fun begins.

*call at work*

Agatha: Mom? There's a little problem here. I couldn't take the crickets to school because my teacher wasn't going to be there today. I was going to wait until tomorrow.
Me: Ok. What's the problem?
Agatha: Vader got to them.
Me: WHAT!? I have crickets all over the house now?! I hope you can account for all of them!
Agatha: (sarcastic) Yeah. I know where all 96 of them are. And stop laughing.

Hubs just came home:
Me: Vader just found another cricket.
Hubs: Why isn't Agatha looking for them?
Me: Vader does a better job?
Hubs: Nice.

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