Manic Witch

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fit and Fun

Workout progress:
7.4 pounds since April 13. Not as much as I'd like, especially since you tend to lose a bunch in the beginning, then taper off. I still haven't hit my little milestone of either under the 10pound marker or 10 pound loss, either way. I did lose 4.5 inches so at least that is something to cheer.

Smoking progress (or lack thereof):

138 days smober and $834 saved, just on cigs alone. That doesn't include the gas saved by not driving of work property and buying lunch out 3-5 days a week. Woot!

More intelligent conversations at the Witch House (keep in mind that we have not watched one minute of American Idol. Just what was highlighted on our local news):
We caught one of the guys singing and I didn't know if it was the winner or the loser with his last moment in the spotlight..

Hubs: Who won?
Me: David.
Hubs: Well no shit.
Me: Hahahahaha.

Don't hate us just because you don't have these Mensa-like conversations.

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