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Monday, April 21, 2008

The good, the bad and the ugly

The good:

I think I'm down 5 pounds since starting this whole adventure in working-out. It's hard to tell since the scale at work is so shitty. We finally bought one for home so I am going to have to go by that. Maybe I just use THIS weight as my starting weight and go from there.

The bad:

My uncle died yesterday. I guess I was close to him. I probably saw him more than any of my other uncles. My mom tells me in a matter of fact way yesterday. "I just wanted to let you know that Uncle "Horatio" died today." (Oh, by the way...) Thanks Ma. I feel your pain. Not.

The ugly:

I am having an Upper GI and a lower GI tomorrow. The upper is for all the reflux I've been having. It's about time. And the colonoscopy is because I had one 6 years ago, they found polyps and told me to have a repeat in 5 years. So I'm one year behind on that. HA! I said "behind." The ugly? The prep. I get to self induce the "colon cleanse." I remember it not being TOOOOO bad last time, but I now live with 4 other people in a one bathroom house. You figure out the logisitcs on that one.

Oh yeah, did I mention my birthday is Wednesday? My late day at work? George had the balls to ask me what my plans were for that day. "Hanging out with you, ya fucker. I have to work, remember?" The MA has school that night and can't stay late. So I get to spend my birthday evening at work. We need to all band together and get a law passed that our birthdays are national holidays. Unless of course your birthday happens to fall on a holiday. Who's with me?

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