Manic Witch

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tee martoonies

Hubs and I have just discovered martinis. Where have these been all our lives? We never bothered with them partly because they seemed so "establishment" and pretentious, and partly because we really didn't think we'd like them. But we are now going to evening functions for work and while everyone else is ordering them "I'll have a beer" or "Jack/Rum and coke please" just doesn't seem to cut it. The down side? We were looking forward to one when we got home from work a la our parents after a long day at work. Are we becoming establishment after all?
I will now look to that mixologist, Joelle for recipes. She had one for a "blueberry muffin" that I am now dying to try. Anyone else have any ideas? Right now we are swilling slightly dirty vodka martinis. I feel so grown up saying that now.

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