Manic Witch

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Presently Pagan ponders previously pious preachings

Hubs and I got into our annual Easter discussion and we need help from any Catholics out there.

1. How do you get 3 days from Friday to Sunday? He died on Friday, so that gives you Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
2. If he died to save us, what about the people who lived before him? Is the sacrifice retroactive, or are those people just fucked?
3. Aren't Christians being hypocritical when they have one of those insipid giant inflatable bunnies on their front lawn? Second commandment, People. Basic Sunday School teachings here-no false gods, got it?
4. Doesn't anyone else think Jesus would be completely pissed off if he ever returns and finds everyone wearing his murder weapon?
5. And as always-if Jesus is the son of God, doesn't that make Mary a Goddess?

Feel free to answer any, all or add any questions that have been plaguing you.

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