Manic Witch

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The flu has finally flown

The flu hit the Witch household last week. For good or bad, it was respiratory and not GI related. 6 people, 1 bathroom. You do the math. I think I got it the worst since it lasted the longest in me. I finally feel human, but even yesterday I didn't have the energy to knit. The irony? I was the only one to get a flu shot this year. But George told me that this years batch was pretty much ineffective. Great.
Of course now that I am feeling better I want to take care of everything I've let slide over the past couple of weeks. I need to just take it easy though so I don't slide backwards. I can't afford anymore time off from work. But maybe I swing a little bit of cleaning then relax with my knitting again.

So did anyone else get hit with the flu this year, or are we the only lucky ones?

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