Manic Witch

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sometimes I just don't shive a git

I'm on semi-vacation this week. Meaning George is out of the office all week, but he wants someone in the office to cover phones so we all split the week. I'm on Monday and Thursday, so it's not toooo bad. I made sure yesterday was one of my days off so I could take my test-that I PASSED! And I get a 3 day weekend out of it to boot. The problem? I usually do my BIG, bad, uber-clean when I am off for a week. Yesterday was spent on the test-that I PASSED! and running some errands. I'm trying to hook up with the Queen for a pedi day, which I desperately need, so I am just going to be lazy today and go for some much needed and earned maintenance. That leaves Friday. I could do most of it in one day-I rock the vacuum and dust rag when I need to. The problem? I just don't care anymore. I am so sick of spending an entire weekend with Hubs super cleaning the house when the kids just don't care. Why should we knock ourselves out making sure the bathroom meets health code standards when the kids don't even notice paw prints on the mirror? I can't even get them to keep the shoe/boot count to an absolute max of 2 per and all on the mat by the front door. Why should any of them care that the entryway floor is crunchy with salt?
I'm soooo tempted to see what a service would cost, but again, why should I spend the money we've saved by not smoking on something that the kids don't even care about, and it's something we could all easily do?

*Siiiiigh* I'm going to call the Queen. I need a pamper day. Maybe I'll care again later.

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