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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Manic Witch, RMA


They give you 2 hours for the test and the scoring is all half-assed. I finished in 45 minutes and as I was answering each question, I was mentally calculating when I could re-take it since I obviously fucked up. On a 210 question test, you'd think each answer would be worth a little over .50 points, but each question is weighed against itself. If a question is super hard, then it's worth more than one that is uber-easy. Yeah, doesn't make sense to me either. But who cares? I passed!
Oh yeah, and a passing score-for however it's figured-is 70. I got a 98 out of a possible 99!
When I checked out the proctor noted that I was finished in less than half the time of the test and shook her head as she pulled up my score. I know she was going to bust my chops about rushing through but when she saw that I rocked it at almost perfect (HA) she just congratulated me. I bet they re-vamp the test now. But who cares? I passed!
I still wish I had studied more, not for the test obviously, but to actually learn this shit. I know I could still do it, but really? I didn't bother for the test, why would I do it now, when I don't have to?

I can now add another set of letters after my name:

Manic Witch, AA, EMT-B, BTLS-C, CNA, RMA

Actually, since a couple of them are expired, I probably can't use those. But who cares? I passed!

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