Manic Witch

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Just to keep up the posting momentum

I did it. I comitted myself to taking the RMA exam. I kept putting it off until I was "ready". Unfortunately I never made myself actually knuckle down and study for it. I always found some excuse not to. Now that I have an actual test date I have no choice. I haven't done a "cram session" in over 20 years. I have 500 pages to study and so far have only been reading on weekends. That comes to 62.5 pages a day! Even with skimming thats a lot to learn. Thank Goddess for pics and those damn "you will learn this" and "you should have learned this" pages at the beginning and end of each chapter. I know most of this stuff, but until I actually see it in print, I didn't realize that I don't know it in test form. Make sense?
Ok, off the computer. Back to the book.

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