Manic Witch

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Am Legend

Hubs and I saw I Am Legend last night and got to a lot of deep thinking. What would you do if you were the last person on earth. No zombies, just the very last person? Or just you, your partner and kids? Either way. Would you drive the Ferrari just because you can? Do you hit the jewelry store for that diamond necklace you've been lusting after? Do you care? Do you raid D & G or Prada or Versace just because you can? Does it matter anymore? At what point do you stop parking in designated parking spots at stores? Or start just parking in the middle of the road? Do you travel to a different area of the country? He used a generator to provide electricity. I probably would too, but would I stay in Chicago or move somewhere more temperate? Do you move to L.A. and live in Paris Hilton's house? Or any other celebrity mansion for that matter. Just because you could? Do you do laundry or just keep raiding the stores for clean clothes? Do you stay with a sense of fashion or just end up creating your own and looking like you got dressed in the dark? Do you care? When does the thrill of pilaging and plundering wear off? If you are alone do you keep up basic personal hygiene? Do you still try to eat healthy foods or consider Doritos to be a veggie and Starburst (with real fruit juice!) to be part of the food pyramid? If it was just me alone would I start smoking again? Would it matter? I'm nearly 42 so figure I've got around another 35-40 years left. Would I try to make it to that point? Why? Look at the predicted timeline the History Channel came up with on "Life after People".
How hard would you work to survive if you were in fact, the only person on earth?

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