Manic Witch

Monday, January 14, 2008

We're in the money

Ok, not quite, but we will be saving a ton of money by not smoking. According to the Chantix help-site, I've already saved $60 by not smoking, which means we've really saved $120 since Hubs quit too. Actually it's probably a little less since we usually bought by the carton, but we figure it's probably closer to $80 which is still nothing to sneeze at. And since I quit, I don't go out for lunch anymore. I used to have to drive off the property to smoke and while I was out, I would just pick up lunch, so I have now saved at least $35 by not doing that too.
We've been smober for 9 days now and while the cravings pop up now and then, we are far enough into this that we refuse to give in. We would just feel disappointed in ourselves if we slip up now and that would make that cigarette so not worth it.

I'll post our list of reasons for quitting and all the benefits we've already gained because of it. Surprisingly, (and sadly) our health wasn't at the top of the list for quitting.

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