Manic Witch

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I can't wait...

to see the Packers lose tonight. Favre already indirectly admitted that they have no chance of winning. He blamed their pre-christmas loss to the Bears on the weather? It gets just as cold in Green Bay as it does in Chicago. Just admit it got out-played.

**I know I'm almost a month late in saying what a fucking baby I think he is, but the timing is still ok with tonight's game. And yes, I hate Favre. Watch him at the end of any game. If he wins, he races to the opponents side for all his accolades. But if he loses? The baby goes straight to the locker room instead of congratulating the other QB on a game well played. That is poor sportsmanship and THAT is why I hate him.

HA! Giants beat Green Bay!!! But to be a little charitable, those poor bastards must have been freezing their danglers off. -4 is FUCKING COLD!

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