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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Hubs and I went to Oklahoma to visit his parents last week. We had a wonderful time there. I am probably one of the very few women who genuinely loves her MIL. And please don't make any snotty comment about how if she lived closer that wouldn't be the case. I wish they did live closer.

The drive there was fairly decent with the exception of fog and drizzle until just past St. Louis, but at least it wasn't snow or ice.

I got my first SONIC cherry lime-ade. The Chicago TV stations are a big bunch of teasers. They run ads all the time, but according to their website, the nearest one to me is 140 miles away! I don't love the drink THAT much. Bastards.

Saturday was Hubs' birthday and for a celebration he cashed in his brownie points for a stay at a swanky hotel for the night. Our room was so ritzy that we needed a key card just to get to the floor! Ooh la la.
Sunday we went to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. That place was really cool! Lots of pics from there.

We also got lots of pics from the ice storm that whipped through Oklahoma City. The devestation is just mind-blowing. We get storms here too, but while you might see some piles of branches on front of some houses, its nothing like they had. There were trees where limbs 10 inches around were just sheared off and EVERYONE had piles in front of their houses 6 feet high and higher. My SIL lost power for 8 days. In Oklahoma. In winter. Not fun.

We left early Christmas eve for the long drive back. Shortly after we crossed into Misery Missouri we had to make a potty stop so we looked for "Gas" signs along the highway. We spot one and head there. The gas pumps were out of order, but it wasn't a biggie since we didn't need gas, but it was the only one at the exit so I guess it was a good thing. We go in and in the johns there were signs that said "This isn't a rest area. Your business is greatly appreciated." Okaaay. The gas pumps were out and I think they are just there for show, they want to force you to buy something. Whatever. We usually do buy something everytime we stop anyway, but this was really blatant begging. So we look around to see what we want when Hubs spots, of all things, bongs. This Kwik-E-Mart was a fucking Head Shop! Since when were bongs an impulse purchase? "So, should we get one for your cousin for Christmas?" "Naw. He has 3, but could use that case of ZigZags. Ooooh, and they're on sale!" (I'm not making up that last part. The case was on sale!) The shop was run by a little old lady and I was really tempted to ask if Jimi Hendrix's riff was as awesome in person as it looked on TV. Granny's a toker. Who knew?
We had clear, beautiful, sunny weather all the way in until we got near Springfield. Then we hit dark skies and drizzle. Of course. Welcome home.

I'll put of pics of our trip on Flickr when I get a chance.

**Some pics are up now**

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