Manic Witch

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Meandering musings

I was home 3 days this week and found that my head wasn't as full of snot as I thought. Apparently it was full of a random jumble of thoughs...

1. Just how tacky is it to gift someone yarn that you've had in your stash? I haven't used any of it yet, so I know these are whole skeins and I'm not shorting her or passing on my leftovers. Our new receptionist is a crocheter and I want to give her a little something in the way of thanks for a fabbo job she's done so far. I am making sure to give at least two skeins of the same color instead one of each, just so it doesn't look like I'm cleaning out my stash and giving her the cast offs.

2. Anyone know how to graph for illusion knitting? I really want to make a "Bears" scarf with the "C" logo, but I don't know how to chart it. This would be my first attempt at this kind of knitting. I'm getting pretty bored with the never ending cardigan. I started that damn thing when I was at Job-that-fucked-me, so I know its taking me a while to do.

3. Damn! I think I put the yarn that I was going to use for the scarf in her gift bag. I suppose I could just pull it out, but then I don't have any other yarn to go with the "blue" theme. I kept her stuff all in blue and if I put in another color, then it really looks like stash busting. Eh. This gives me an excuse to go yarn shopping. Whee!

4. There is only so much DIY/HGTV one can watch during the day. By the time Knitty Gritty came on in the afternoon, I was so burned out on crafty shit that I didn't even care what she was making. *gasp*

5. If you are going to have a raffle at your company christmas party, try to put a little thought into some of the prizes. That stupid backpack? I saw people trying to eat their tickets so they wouldn't have to claim that piece of shit. Seriously. There was an iPod, a chocolatini gift basket, bath and body works gift basket, a coupon for a cake from Coldstone creamery, a movie gift basket with a bunch of dvd's, popcorn, theater candy...and that shitty backpack.

6. Now that I'm feeling better, I need a "girly day". I have to wrap presents today, but after that I may spend some time dealing with my unibrow and give myself a much needed mani and pedi. I can't make it to the salon for a pedi right now and can't deal with a foot massage. My poor dog bit my foot on Monday. It wasn't his fault though. The nightlight in our bedroom blew out and it gets DARK in there. I couldn't see him as I was trying to turn on the light. I not only stepped ON him, but fell over and got tangled up with him. He turned and I either caught my foot in his open mouth, or he got so startled that he bit. I don't blame him at all. If you did that to me, I'd bite ya too. And I know he felt horrible about it. But now I've got a couple of nasty scratches and one nice sized bruise on the top of my foot.

7. I still love my Writer Girl.

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