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Sunday, December 16, 2007

I think a paint roller would have done a better job

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All of a sudden $30 doesn't seem like that much money. I do such a shitty job but (and I am embarrased to admit this), I can't bend at my waist over the belly-roll. I mean I can bend, just not over my toes like that. So I usually do a half-assed job and then pick off the slop over in the shower. AND I get all the dry skin taken care of when I go to a salon.
Note the scratch on my foot. Ouch. Sadly, that is the sexiest part of my foot right now. And the little toe? Botched foot surgery when I was 18. That is why I only leave a 4-toed footprint. Makes it easier for CSI to track me from a crime scene.

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