Manic Witch

Thursday, December 06, 2007

He is working through his 9 lives very quickly

I am so ready to give the little bastard away. I understand a cat's need to climb, but I am tired of throwing out bread because Vader can't seem to stop chewing on and through the bags of bread, rolls, bagels...I don't want to keep that stuff in the fridge, but what can I do? He knocked Agatha's glasses on the floor and she ended up stepping on them and broke them. I've tried spraying him with water but he LIKES water. Smokey taught him to drink from the sink faucet, he plays in the toilet (we are getting better about making sure the lid is down), he joins me in the shower (the Sith Lord is a pervert-who knew?) I am at my wits end here. If he doesn't learn to behave soon, he is out of here. Does anyone have suggestions? The big problem is that he sneaks during the night too so I need to break this habit entirely. I know Smokey goes up on the counter too, but he doesn't trash our bread.

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