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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Time after time

I'm going to add my rant to the annual Daylight "Savings" time bitch-fest. My kids are older and I don't have to work on Sundays so did I really get to "sleep in" this morning? I get up when I'm done sleeping. I don't pay attention to the clock on Sundays unless I have to be somewhere at a set time in the morning. So really, did I get an extra hour of sleep last night? And I hate the way people try to fuck you up with the time. "I went to bed at 11:00 "old time", got up at 7:30 "new time", so I really got up at 6:30 "old time". Knock that shit off, ok? I guess it just means that I get an "extra" hour of lounging around in my pajamas before I have to get motivated to get some yard work done before the first snow flies.

My beloved Bears have a "bye" week this week. So why are the T.V. stations sill running "Bears Game-Day Live"? There ISN'T any Bears game today, so why are we showing anything related to a Bears game? Are we rehashing our disappointing loss last week to the Lions (again)? Or are we trying to armchair quarterback for next weeks game?

R.W. kicked some serious ass on my Name-Game last week. Where did you come up with some of those names? I have to give you some big kudos on those. Whenever WE played with the kids we always had to explain some of our choices. They had never heard of most of the actors we picked. Ah, youth.

Why do my pets finally stop shedding at the beginning of cold weather season? Wouldn't you think that they would dump most of that fur by April? May? Then they would be nice and cool during the god-awful heat of Chicago summer? Then they could spend October growing it all back so they'd be all cozy warm in the bitter cold of Chicago winter. I'm just saying.

I'm back at the point in my life where I have to make sure the toilet lid is closed and check the refrigerator and dryer before I close those doors. Darth Vader is a nosey little bastard and I really don't want to fluff dry him or give him access to our leftovers. He likes to play in the toilet so maybe a spin in the dryer wouldn't be a bad idea. Now I know how some of those ubran legends get their start.

I think I finally figured out why I don't post nearly as often as in the past. I've lost some of my snark-age. I am now in a supervisory position at work, so I have to behave myself. You'd think that since it builds up over the day and I need an outlet for all the pent up snarks, but I think I've gotten out of the habit. *Sigh* I miss my snarks. Now all I have are thought provoking thoughts. I don't even have those "Oh, I so need to blog about that" moments. I need to work on that again. I don't want to shut this down, I really don't. I even bought Joelle's book hoping for some inspiration. The book totally rocks by the way. Get it. (You're welcome, Joelle). But my lack of posts have really shown me that it would be a waste of money paying for a host. I did get my domain 2 years ago, but at 5 bucks a year, it really isn't a big hit in the wallet.

I still love Writer Girl.

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