Manic Witch

Friday, November 23, 2007

Points to ponder

1. Am I the only one who doesn't think "Schweaty Balls" is funny? Am I missing something there?

2. What the hell were Hubs and I thinking?! We actually got up at 0h-dark-thirty (military term peoples-means too fucking early) and got to the stores at 5:30 to start our shopping. We usually spend every "Black Friday" sipping our coffee at 6:00 and watching the news while we get ready for work and laugh at all the morons that were up that god-awful early to fight for a parking space and stand in line forever. Nope. This year, WE were one of those "morons." AND we waited in line at Kohls for stuff for US, not ever for other people and waited in line for an hour and a half. If the prices on sheets and pillows weren't so fantastic, and we didn't need that stuff TODAY, we wouldn't have bothered. On the bright side, by the time we left at 7:00, the next store was nearly empty of people, but still had the stuff we wanted. A quick stop for breakfast and on to the last store where we found everything we needed, had a relatively short wait in line and then on to home knowing we had taken care of 98% of our holiday shopping in 4 hours and at insane prices. The one big downside? 5 minutes after leaving the last store we realized that we got episode one of a movie instead of episode 2 that someone really wanted. We were not going back to exchange it at that point. But it wouldn't be Christmas without a glitch like that. Now all we have to do is wrap this stuff up and take it to my parents to put under their tree. We can't put them under ours because Vader will just tear everything up. As it is, I'm not sure if we should even bother with a tree at all. Hubs said that we will and just buy a spray bottle to discourage the little shit from climbing it.

3. Visa lied to us. People didn't prance through the check out lines with their shiny little pieces of plastic sliding through the card reader while the clerks smiled at the ease of the transaction. Can we nail them for false advertising? I guess things did go a little faster with all the fantastic plastic though. I know I wanted to smack the bitch who had to dig through her purse for a pen to write a check.

4. I don't get the inflatable yard decorations. I like the little light up things, but overglorified balloons? I just don't get them.

So how was everyone's turkey day? I found the best holiday chuckle over at the Queen's Castle. Head on over for some great holiday cheer.

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