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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dear Suzuki;

you're not funny
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Who's sick idea was this? I know it's cold out there. I like the temperature display, this way I get to bitch about an actual number. "Holy Shit! It's 35 degrees out there! No wonder I'm freezing my ass off!" But did you really need to add a snowflake to the display? Did you feel the need to rub it in? I noticed you didn't put up a heat-wave thingy when it was 103 with 90% humidity this summer, so why the snowflake? Do you really think that we are that dumb that we need an extra visual aid? We haven't even had snow yet so I know it isn't for that. I think you just have a sick sense of humor.
I do like the "Range" display. THAT was a great idea. I had that in my "Soccer-Mom-Mobile" (minivan) and can't imagine living without it now. Goddess forbid I have to actually look at the gas gauge to see when I need to stop for gas. It's really nice when I hit the open road and watch the range fly up to 300 miles. That is pretty cool.
But the snowflake has to go.
Thank you,
Manic Witch

P.S. Yes, I do have a fuzz-buster in my car. It has saved my ass more than once thankyouverymuch.

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