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Sunday, October 07, 2007

This and that

Has it been a week since I've last posted? Geeze! Ok, weekly updates:

1. Things have been kind of frustrating at work. Jezebel is getting harder and harder to work with. For two weeks she was complaining about not feeling well when I was around, but I would catch her talking to her cousin (who works for the other doc) about plans for the upcoming weekend which involve partying, and I would catch her blowing off her few duties to fuck off on MySpace. Last Monday she is coughing (fake) and threatening to throw up, so I had her sent home. She was pissed. Okaay. Don't lie about feeling like you are going to hurk and then cop an attitude when we call your bluff. She stayed home the next day since she knew that she couldn't just come back the next day all healthy and ready to work. I know she hates the fact that since I started there she is finally being held accountable for her duties. She is trying to do even less work than before, but I wasn't hired to be another M.A. for George. I provide back up for her and the receptionist, but my primary duties are in other areas of the business including help it grow. Of course, that should be anyone's goal in the workforce-to help the business grow. It's obvious that Jezebel has no vested interest in contributing-it would mean more work for her. George and I are working on finding a replacement-someone more mature, with more experience. Fortunately he has been documenting all her bullshit and keeping a file with all of her write-ups so we may be able to avoid paying her unemployment. I do believe that is a assistance program, but if you lose your job because you're a fuck up and know it, then you have no one to blame but yourself. We're still hoping she quits, so I've been on her case about not only her few assigned duties, but am delegating more stuff to her and holding her accountable for that too.

2. Andie asked about our plans for Samhain. (Not linking Hun. No need to make you work harder to keep your blog private). We have really been bad witches. With the exception of a few random spells and the odd mental praise we send the deities, we have really fallen away from our spirituality. We haven't lost our faith, or even questioned it, but I guess we've just gotten too busy to do any kind of rituals lately. We keep getting invited to rituals with a nearby coven, but I hate going there because the women all there engage in a rather distasteful hobby-man bashing. Yes, I do laugh at the occasional joke as does Hubs over the woman-bashing jokes, but these women aren't joking, they really do seem to hate men. A couple of them are divorced and think all men are pond scum. It gets old and really negates any positive energies that were raised during the ritual. I know I should say something to the High Priestess about it, but I don't want to hurt her feelings. These women are long time friends of hers, and while I've known her for some time now and she does "love me", it just doesn't seem right. So in answer to your question Sweetie, we haven't planned anything yet. We haven't even had our annual Halloween party in about 3 years now. Does that even qualify as annual? If we've blown it off for 3 years? Maybe we can plan just a quiet celebration.

3. I finally got the go ahead to take my R.M.A. exam. I've been blowing off studying since I didn't think I was going to stay in the field. I should have known better and having that credentialing will never hurt me and it was always a sense of pride to want to have it. Now I have to find time or motivation to finally begin studying for the exam. Taking the practice tests have shown me that I know shit about anatomy. That bugs. I should know more than I do, and I didn't realize just how little I do know. Now I wish I'd taken the class in college when I had the chance. Hindsight really is 20/20.

4. Not much on the knitting front. I've been working on a cardigan and while it's going slow, I don't feel the pressure to crank out a finished piece every week. But maybe I should put the needles down and work on studying. But that is my one treat of downtime. I really don't want to give that up.

5. Fall TV lineup sucks this year. Our old favorites are becoming painful to watch. I jumped off the E.R. train a while back now. I just don't care anymore. If I want to watch a shitty medical soap opera, I'll look for Marcus Welby dvds somewhere. CSI? I'd heard that Jorja Fox wanted off the show because of contract disputes, but couldn't the writers find a better way to get rid of her? I know killing off a major character is so cliche and they would have to spend the rest of the season with everyone else coming to grips with her death/murder, but moving from night shift to swing shift? Wouldn't there still be some overlap with the staff? Wouldn't she still be working on a case when the next shift comes in? Wouldn't she still have to give report to the next shift? Not very well thought out guys. Housewives is still a favorite as is The Unit. At least it takes away some of my excuses for not studying.

I guess that's it for now. I really haven't had any "Oh, I can't wait to blog about that" moments. I barely have time to check my emails anymore. I used to do it all day long when I worked with Doc, but our days were so slow that I had plenty of time for it. Now I'm so busy that I barely manage to do a quick check in the mornings while waiting for my turn in the bathroom. So many things on my plate, so little time.

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