Manic Witch

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oohh that smell. Cantcha smell that smell?

Our house got skunked last night. Seriously. Our house. Got skunked.

We were sitting in the living room playing when one of the kids thought they smelled burning rubber. We looked around and realize that the smell now resembled Pepe LePew more than it did the track at the Indy Speedway. In fact, the smell kept getting stronger and stronger. I have an overly sensitive nose and was seriously wondering if I could even stay in the house. And when Hubs and I went out to the garage for a smoke, the stench was even worse. I have no idea where the little stinker was hiding. My guess is that he somehow got under the crawl space so he could spread his fragrance to all corners of our home. Bastard. Fortunately the reek was gone this morning. Good thing too, because on my way out the door, I took a spectacular wipe-out and landed dead on my knee. I have one helluva road rash on my left knee and it stings like hell. It's really going to suck tomorrow when I hook up with the Queen for her birthday pedi. I will have a small dilemma....Do I wear jeans and roll them up to the boo-boo? Ouch. Or do I wear a skirt so I can show the world my scabby knee?

**I love Writer-Girl. Bunches**

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