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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Meandering musings

Thanks everyone for your good wishes and concerns over my last post. I probably should have just deleted the whole thing since it really was too private to go into details.

The meeting went really well. George was very diplomatic in addressing the hand washing and pulse taking issues. He said that he had heard from patients that people weren't washing their hands and that they asked him what the pulse ox was for.
I'm now at that delicate yet crucial point in my position. I need to assert some authority, but the girls haven't been given the exact directive that they need to report to me. I need to take some initiative though and start delegating some minor assignments. Some of the issues brought up in the meeting haven't been done yet (getting ER notes before a patient comes in for a follow up scheduling appointments appropriately for example), but I am working on that. It's nice to know that he has the confidence in me to get these changes in place and that I have his support. Now I just have to get it done. The biggest problem with these two is that they think this is just a job. George's goal is obviously build up the practice. Which means more work for them. They just want to punch the clock and get paid for it. They are young and new to the concept of growth and expansion. He did mention in the meeting that he would love to pay them more, but in order to do that we need to help the practice grow. That is the big downside to not using more experienced help. I have a feeling that they may not last more than six months. And if he thinks I am going to do it all myself he has another think coming. Winifred told him on Thursday (THURSDAY!) that she can't work on Saturday because she has a wedding to go to. A wedding that her daughter is participating in. Okaay. She didn't know that the wedding was coming up? She didn't look at her calendar until two days before she was supposed to be at work? So of course I had to "offer" to come in. And now he loves the fact that I was willing and able to step up and not only get her job done, but some of my stuff as well. He is considering being open two Saturdays a month now and offered the hours to me. The overtime would be nice, but I have no desire to give up my Saturdays again. Especially without another day off during the week. He told me to think about it since he would prefer to have me there. Sorry buddy. This is part of what I need to do-train Winifred to step up and do more than just the bare minimum. If she wants to advance, she will have to prove herself. Again, I really don't think either one of them looks at this job as a long term career.

Darth Vader is growing every day. He's lost his "kitten fur" and is now becoming a sleek toddler. He is now more than 4 times the size of Obi-Wan and no longer considers him a buddy. The instincts have kicked in and Obi-Wan is now prey. Poor thing. Midnight is still sulky and won't sleep on my pillow any more. Now that Vader can climb up on our bed, Midnight resents the fact that the "little bastard" has invaded his territory.

Boobiethon is fast approaching! I went to their website and they are re-vamping things. I will keep checking back to see when things are ready for the big event. This will be our third year participating and I look forward to it now. I just need to come up with something creative.

That's it folks. I am again at that awkward point where I don't know how to end a post. I leave you with this question...In public bathrooms that have the "Convenience Center" vending machines, when did lip-balm become a necessity? I can understand tampons and even tylenol packs, but LipRageous? And sparkle tattoos? Really? Those are a must have that you suddenly realize that need? Badly enough to get one out of a bathroom vending machine? Really? Enlighten me. Why?

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