Manic Witch

Friday, September 14, 2007

I didn't realize he had such a short temper.

Hubs was looking in the garage for some zip ties to finally tame the tangle of wires behind our computer when he realized that he was out of them.

Hubs: Well that's enough to piss off the Pope.
Me: Really? You think that is what would really piss him off?
Hubs: Oh yeah. He'd be furious.
Me: Wow. You'd think with the war, abortion, rape, adultery, murder and everybody taking His name in vain that he'd be a lot more tolerant of little things like running out of zip ties.
Hubs: It's the little things that break people.
Me: Somehow I can't see running out of zip ties leading to a state of emergency in Vatican City.
Me: So just how would they word this new 11th commandment? "Thou shalt keep your computer supply cabinet stocked"?
Hubs: No. That's too vague. Look at the rest of the commandments. They are all to the point. "Thou shalt not run out of zip ties." You have to have a "not" in there. Sounds more ominous.

It's a good thing I did turn Pagan. I can't keep up with all these theological discussions.

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