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Monday, August 27, 2007

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated

I know, I know. I haven't posted too often lately. It seems whenever I have a minute to sit down and actually write anything I develop a severe case of posters block. So sit back and play catch-up with me.

1. Friday was my last day at "Job that fucked me". Charo wouldn't even say good bye to me. She is still pissed that I am leaving. But Beullah actually had tears in her eyes when she hugged me good bye. It's nice to know I will be missed, but honestly I just couldn't deal with the scheduling bullshit anymore.

2. I went to NewDoc's office on Friday to pick up some paperwork for the new job. He said he was "pumped" that I am starting this week. He was giddy. GIDDY! Ok, down boy. But I am pretty excited to get back into a doctor's office again. And THIS time it looks like I really WILL be HBIC. But I know better than to get my hopes up.

3. We survived the "Great Chicago Storms". It's been all over the news about all the flooding around here, but we are in an area that is so high up that if it ever did flood, I would be looking for Noah. But in my parents neighborhood, flooding is nothing new. Every year their street would flood either in the spring or fall, sometimes both. So while we watch people in other towns freak out about all the flooding, we do the annual "Bob, was it your turn to store the "Water on Pavement" signs, or did Charlie take them last year?"

4. I am now officialy "cool" in my kids' eyes. I grew up on a lake (hence the annual flooding) and I was telling Agatha about all the activities we did when we were kids. I water skied in summer, went swimming from the time the ice broke until the lake started to crust with ice in fall. We went snowmobiling in winter. As soon as the ice froze enough, Pop would go out on the ice with an auger, punch a hole in the ice and let the water bubble up and create a nice, smooth, glassy surface for ice skating. We didn't have video games or computers. We spent all of our free time outside doing things.

5. I had planned on spending all day today knitting. I took today and tomorrow off before starting my new job. Unfortunately I managed to get a mega blister on my thumb from the lawn mower yesterday and can't even hold the needles.

6. Darth Vader is getting bigger everyday. He has been "playing" with Smokey and Midnight is pissed that Smokey has crossed over to the dark side. When Midnight and Smokey wrestle Vader goes prancing up to them like "Fellas, can I play too?" Smokey abandons play with Midnight to play with Vader. So the new kid busts in on a friendship. But Midnight is the "cool leader of the clique" and Vader is the little geek trying to with his favor. Think 5th grade playground.

7. FOOTBALL SEASON BEGINS!!! Bears and Broncos play each other this year and Hubs and I are trying to make a bet on who will win, but we can't think of a good wager. Any ideas? I need to email Maevyn to place a bet with her. I'm thinking that the loser needs to post on her blog "Bears Rule!" *ahem* or if the Broncos win, "Broncos Rule". Whaddya think Toots?

So that's it in a nutshell kiddies. I really want to promise that I will be better about posting, but honestly, I've really lost interest in blogging. I hope that will come back soon. I really did have fun with this. Maybe I'm just in a rut.

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