Manic Witch

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I can't make this shit up

I found out why I'm not getting the management position for which I was hired...because I'm too good at what I do. Yup. That's it folks. From day one I took the ball and ran with it. No one had any time to train me, so I taught myself how to do my job. They still need another person in the main office and everyone keeps saying that they need "another Manic"-a self starter. ANNND another one to go run the new office because they want to keep me at the main one. At a lower position. Because I did the job too well to be a manager. And not doing what I'm doing now, but rather more managerial duties.

Does anyone else see how dicked up this is?

At least I know this now so I can make sure I don't bring my "A" game to a new job. Thanks for the lesson in starting a job as being a slacker from day one. Maybe that's the secret to getting the position for which I was hired.

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