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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Potter Pandemonium

Ok. LAST WEEK. (Geeze, I'm only blogging once a week? How sad). The bookstore bash was really a lot of fun. Even more than I expected. Agatha and Endora were among the first in line to get VIP wristbands for the books that I reserved, so when we finally got to line up to buy them, we were about 15th in line. WOOT! The bash started at 9ish and there were games, a palm reader and around 500 people packed into the store and out in the parking lot. EVERYONE was well behaved. But this was a bookstore, not a rave.
While we were in line waiting for midnight, I had to be an ass and point out that if we were only about an hour east of where we were, we would have had the books already. That didn't go over so well. At 11:59, the employees started bring out the holy grail boxes of books and the crowd started cheering. Then at 11:59:50, the countdown started. I was waiting for the big ball to decend over times square. But we got the book and were home by 12:20. As we walked out of the store, we noticed there were still about 400 people in the parking lot, waiting for their wristband color to be called into line. That was another reason I was glad the girls got the VIP bands. If we were further in line in the color heirarchy, we woulld have been there until 1:00 and had to deal with the madhouse in the parking lot.
The girls had thanked me repeatedly for doing this with them. They never had the chance to do anything like this with their father sperm-donor and were excited beyond belief.

Agatha sat down to read the book at 12:30 and finished by 4:00pm the next day. Endora went to a sleep-over Saturday night and the girls read and discussed the book until 4:00am.

Me? I slept like a baby, knowing that I had done something so simple and made the girls so happy.

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