Manic Witch

Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm going in costume tonight...

As the world's greatest mom. Agatha and Endora are out of their minds with excitement over the new HP book and for the first time ever, they are going to the midnight bash at our local Borders. I'm simply out of my mind for doing this. I'm fucking exhausted from work and housework and I will be up to at least 2:00am with hundreds of overstimulated people. On the bright side, the girls are not going to do anything to fuck up their chances of going. If I ask them to paint the house today, they would do it. That is, if they get home in time today from getting their "admmission wristbands". They are my bitches today. I will try to refrain from exploiting my powers. The key word is try. Mwahahaha!

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