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Friday, July 13, 2007

I blame Google Reader

I noticed that since I put my blogroll on Google Reader, its been easier to blow off posting. I dont pull up my blog anymore so I don't see it as a reminder to post. Yeah I've been busy, stressed and tired, but I have always found time to post something.
I have wanted to use my own domain and Sabrina even blogged about a free host, I just haven't had the time to even change skins here much less figure out how do install another platform like WP or EE. I just might treat myself to a few hours this weekend.

My reflux is much better. Thanks for all your well-wishes and concern. I have been taking Prilosec and propping up a couple of pillows at night. So far, so good. But their marketing department HAS to figure out a better packing for this stuff. All the pills are on a blister card with a thick paper backing. You have to peel it off and then pop out the pills. There is no visible starter corner and after spending 10 minutes trying to get one out you find your cause for reflux--stress! Stress from trying to get a damn pill for the reflux-that this shit is causing. I have finally started poking a knife into each one and then popping them out. Butt-heads.

Last weekend Hubs signed us up to run a beer tent at a local town-fest. He is on the chamber of commerce and its good PR for his company. We weren't too thrilled to be pulling beer for others until we were told that we had to "drink our mistakes". Ya know, pulling a Lite when someone wanted MGD. We made a LOT of mistakes.
Then I got called into work the next morning. On a Saturday. After a night of drinking. I have no tolerance for drinking anymore. And I had to draw blood. After not doing that for nearly 2 months. Not a pretty sight. But I did ok.

Gotta get ready for work. I promise I will try to post more often.

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