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Friday, June 15, 2007

Work musings

I've survived almost a whole week at my new job and am still loving it. One of the big upsides of it is that I do need to spend some time driving around, setting up new accounts with patients and their new home health aide. I hate being totally chained to a desk, and for once in my life, I have a job that allows me to get out of the office for a few hours at a time. This isn't an everyday occurance at this point, and it may not last long, so I am going to enjoy it while I can. Once I get things started at the office I will untimately manage and hire on staff, they will most likely handle that. In the meantime, I have to remember to make sure my water bottle is always full and to carry snackies in my car for these long-ish trips. AND make note of gas stations on the way. There aren't that many, so potty-stops will be hard to do. And my poor baby is getting a run for her money size-wise. Fortunately the trunk is bigger than it looks. I've already had to load it with: boxes of gloves for me and the aides, a gait belt (YOU google it, I don't have time right now), files, brochures, folders with information for patients, a lab coat, my stethoscope, other crap for work that I need to take to my new office and I still need to save room for a phlebotomy kit in case I need to run out and do a blood draw. This doesn't include the personal stuff I need to carry. I am really trying to keep everything contained in the trunk and not inside the car. I hate it when I see cars where someone has their entire office spread out all over their car. I may have to use the car to transport people and I don't want it looking messy or have to clear shit out just so they have someplace to sit.

I have noticed a big downside to having a back-seat driver...I tend to space out while she gives me directions and I don't really pay attention to where I'm going. If I ever get to my destination and Mitch goes on strike, I'm fucked. I guess I need to at least pay attention to major street names while I"m driving. The problem is that I am driving in a county where until the past 5 years or so had streets named "Dirt Road" and "The Road to Bob's Farm. Just Take A Right When You See His Cow Grazing Near His Back 40 Fence." At least it will show gas stations in the area, such as they are.

I did manage to somewhat impress the IT guy at work with all my toys. I am kind of a gadget-whore, although not cutting edge apparently. I have in my purse: 1 MP3 player (not iPod), a cell phone (basic model, not even downloaded ringtones, just the ones that came installed in it), a pocket PC, Mitch, a digital voice recorder, that I can only seem to listen to the last message I recorded but not the previous 5 a flash drive, and sometimes my digital camera. The funny thing is, I carry a medium-small sized purse. You'd think with all that I would be carrying a backpack. But no, I try to keep it on the managable size. I may need to eventually get some all in one gadgets. I could record voice messages on my pocket pc, but it doesn't allow for more than a minute or so (I think) and the voice recorder is smaller than my pack of cigs, so I don't think I would save that much space by ditching it.

One downside to the job is that I need a new wardrobe. Or is that an upside? Shopping! I've worn pajamas scrubs to work every day for 7 years and haven't needed too many dressy clothes. I didn't even own a pair of non-gym, non-boot shoes. And my platform-with-clear-acrylic-heels-do-me shoes really wouldn't cut it. *ahem* I bought a few outfits and a couple pairs of shoes a few weeks ago, but realized that I've now worn everything this week. I will have to find a creative way to not wear the same thing week after week. Hubs and I will probably hit the stores this weekend.

That's it for now folks. (I hate it when I don't know how to end a long-winded post).

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