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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Whooo are you? Who? Who?

Whooo are you? Who? Who?
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The museum was ok. A lot of the exhibits were "under construction" or not working at all. But the CSI exhibit was awesome! We all had a great time.
And getting drunk after dealing with ALL. FOUR. KIDS was completely unnecessary. The kids were wonderful. Traffic, on the other hand...3 FUCKING. HOURS. to get home. 3! THREE! More than two! My Magellan (named "Mitch the Bitch" by the kids) really IS a bitch. She doesn't seem to get that when an exit is closed and I tell her to find another route, she gets all pissy and stubborn. She insists that I take the original route. I spent over 30 minutes circling the area just to get to the damn museum. At least on the way home, once I found the highway-no thanks to Mitch-it was smooth sailing. For THREE. FUCKING. HOURS.

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